Before some time, it seemed to be a blessing for us. But as time passes or doing work from home throughout the day, it has become a tedious journey of life. Let’s come with us and make it joyful. Have you ever imagined your working life in the middle of the mountains? If no, start to imagine it in your real life. Most of us are still thinking that it can happen; so chill and make it vibrant of the new normal and quite monotonous life. Luxury stay as per your comfort zone, just feel a luxurious experience of your work from home in any of your desired hilly areas. Different locations are available here where one can enjoy their working hours. Some of the locations are Dalhousie, Rishikesh, New Tehri, Khajjiar, and a lot more. This can be a way where you can break the boredom. But it will only depend on you which workstation would you like to opt for yourself?

Getting irritated with working from your one room? Pick out an exclusive hilly area for 30 days

If you are getting bored by doing work from home for some months, why don’t you choose to work from the mountains for at least one month? Before this work from home tradition, we used to come home after work but as of now; we just have to stay home only. That’s why the plan of staying along with doing work from the mountains is a good idea. Going exotic places with doing office work will become the most promising option for you. This time will be helpful to enjoy the socially-distanced vacation as a new venture called the WFM (Work from Mountains). Why are you wasting even your single second? Just explore our great deals on these packages.

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