As we have faced more phases due to COVID-19 so, it is a time to chill out with friends or loved ones. Yes, we are talking about Unlock 4.0, where Government has announced guidelines for enthusiast travelers. Let’s come to know the guidelines for Unlock 4.0. As per the Unlock 4.0 guidelines, no one needs a movement pass or any kind of permission for traveling in inter-state and intra-state.

Below are the highlighted points.

The Government has already introduced many relaxations for travelers.

Unlock 4.0 was announced on the 29th of August.

Let us come to talk about Unlock 4.0 guidelines shared by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The new set phased will reopen all economic activities worldwide. This has also insisted on free inter-state traveling in India.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has declared that there will be no restrictions on the interstate or intra-state movement of goods and persons as well as for travelers.

As per the guidelines, there will be no separate approval/permission/e-permit required for such movements. This means that you are now free to travel across India in your conveyance and no need to apply for any type of travel pass for it.

If one wants to travel by train or domestic flights, then the latest SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) will be applied to travelers. What this means is you’ll have to conform to whatever rules have prescribed for travel by Government, be it about train or flights.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has also declared UTs and States can’t introduce lockdowns or any type of restriction meant if you have personal conveyance, then you can travel all over India. Below are some of the travel guidelines for different states.

Himachal Pradesh – Hotels will be open from the 1st of September, but ‘Rapid Antibodies test for Covid-19’ is required to travel in this state.

We hope, as above mentioned guidelines can help you out to find the best destination for you. As per these guidelines, you can plan a wonderful vacation with your friends or loved ones to get far away from Unlock 4.0.

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